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Hi, I'm Denise Morgan and I'm a certified massage therapist. I received my certification almost 15 years ago. And over that time, I've learned which kinds of massage tables are the best and in addition, which massage tables are not only very high-quality, but are super portable. So I decided to create this site, Portable Massage Tables. I wanted to make one place where I could bring all of the information I've accumulated over the years and share it with others. I hope you'll enjoy the articles and that you'll find something here of interest. Please feel free to leave a message or comment and I'll reply as soon as I can. Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the site. Namaste!

Helpful Tips on How to Use a Folding Massage Table.

Folding massage table has a lot of uses even to therapists who have a fix working space. It can be used when there are special events, seminars, or classes that require a massage service.

Therapists who specialize in mobile massages have two portable tables; one, being the backup in case, one unexpectedly breaks. On the other hand, those who do not specialize in mobile massages have one folding massage table. Learning how to properly setup the folding massage table is a task that a therapist must work on. At first, using it may be tricky but no need to worry that much because folding massage tables are sturdy enough.

Below are some useful tips from professional massage therapists on how to use a folding massage table properly.

Secure a sturdy padded carrying bag; owning this can make the carrying of the table a lot easier. It is more comfortable to carry and maneuver a table with a carrying bag at hand. It is also advisable to have a carrying bag if one will take a public transportation.

Study carefully how to use the folding massage table. Reading the directions carefully will familiarize oneself with all the parts and the folding mechanism itself.
Understanding how the table works will save one from having someone fix it when the folding mechanism breaks; thus, saving more time and effort leading to an efficient massage service.

It will also help to pull the parts apart and put it back again so one will know how to assemble it without the help of folding mechanism experts. Learning to assemble accessories that include face rest, arm rest, and steps will also be helpful.

Finally, it will be very useful to learn how to pack the folding massage table in a few minutes. Disassemble the table and pack it again; with more practice, one can do this quickly and efficiently.

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